What We Do

What is Social Economics?

Social economics, sometimes known as socioeconomics, is a branch of economics. It is distinguished from mainstream economics by drawing on multiple disciplines including social science, psychology, politics and law to understand and analyse social issues and to provide social policy advice or solutions.

Social economists are engaged to analyse areas such as unemployment, housing/homelessness, public health, disability, drugs/alcohol and animal welfare, utilising a range of methodologies e.g. cost-benefit analysis. In this respect, they differ from other economists who often focus on macroeconomics e.g. trade and GDP or microeconomics e.g. industries and businesses.

Policy & Project Engagement

Innovative and flexible, we can assist you with any size proposal. Many organisations find it more cost effective to contract out particular policy initiatives or projects rather than maintain dedicated in-house capabilities. In such situations, it can make good financial sense to engage a consultancy like BG Economics. 

We can provide you with straight, objective research or we can assist you to mount a persuasive argument using calculations or problem-solve a complex issue where more lateral thinking may be required. 

Our multi-disciplinary team has qualifications and experience in economics, statistics, social science and social policy. We work with a range of clients, from small not-for-profits to larger companies and all levels of government.